Turbo FAST App Reviews

84 add

Love it on ipad pro 12.9

The control is perfect for giant screen tablet like the 12.9 ipad pro

Isnt restoring purchases

My son loves this app, and Ive bought him all the racers but it wont restore them, and when I try to buy it again it says Ive already bought it and would I like it again for free, I click okay, but nothing happens, the racers arent loading, its annoying.


Its impossible to play when almost every button you press an ad pops up

Get Some Shell

This game is Awesome Its pretty weird though

Best game ever

This game is one of the best games I played!


I love it but an add pops up every time you race! Its so cool though

So cool

Dose anyone else have a iPhone 5s cuz my 5s dose not have adds that pop up any time I press some thing... Anyway this game is one of my favorite games its so fun cuz it takes the world of a car race game and adds turbo and other characters that you are able to Customize and race with its just so entertaining XD.

Turbo racing league

Turbo racing league is fun but they need do something about all the ads that pop up

so fun

this would totally be a five star game but there are so many ads I have a n iPhone 6s and many ads pop up its exhausting but in other news this game is so fun


This game is straight up garbage

My opinion

This Game is great but i really hate the fact that adds come up on the game out of know here please be an update so what im saying is no more adds Ever!!!. Please


It kicks me out every time I try to race! You have 4 months to update or Im deleting this app!>:-(

Very good

Nice game


Games so awesome only one problem I dont like + please if there is a second game I dont want to have the ads please Im begging you produce amazing and I I love the movie and game five stars

So awesome

It first cool because it comes with awesome racer and controls a lot better than madden mobile

Best download I ever made!!

It Is sweet and basically everything about it it is great


It crashes a lot and has too many ads. Please fix crashing. This game is fun though :)

Need Ad Disabler

Would be a cool game if an ad did not pop up every 10 seconds..

Really like it

I really like it but only one problem it crashes more than Pokemon Go...

Was fun but

Way to many pop ups that interrupt game, wont even go into how 6 dollars went missing from account when we didnt do any in app purchases !!!???!!!

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